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Ancient brew

A National Geographic article about how Dogfish Head is making use of ancient Chinese recipes. (Link in title)


Beer Styles

Here's a quick guide to beer styles.

This is a more comprehensive guide.


Stone Brewing Co. Beers

Arrogant Bastard Ale 7.2% alc.
A little hard to swallow, intricate, deep with extremely rich hoppiness. I think it's overdone for a beer that's only 7.2% alcohol. This beer is very stubbornly flavored. Good, but not my favorite.

Stone IPA 6.9% alc.
The bouquet itself is intoxicating on this one. Very full citrus hops with tart endnotes in the back of the mouth. Fantastic!

Purchased at Central Market in Fort Worth, Texas
Not available in Florida.

Gnarly Wine

Limited Release Lagunitas Olde Gnarley Wine style Ale 9.7% alc.
Lovely amber colored barley wine style ale not too hoppy. Well balanced. Best at room temperature. It reminds me of the 90 minute IPA by Dogfish Head. Slight citrus meets aggressive hops, but it's not overpowering. By the Lagunitas Brewing Co. in Petaluma, CA
Bought from Central Market in Fort Worth, Texas.
Not available in Florida

Pyramid Apricot Ale

Beautiful bouquet of apricot citrusy goodness. A little watery at the end, which isn't my style. It could use more carbonation. I think it would go over well at a summer barbeque.
Reviewed at Tapwerks Ale House in Oklahoma City


Speaking of...


Beer Brewing

I learned how to brew beer! This is very exciting. Now that I have seen the process, I understand beer even more. More to come on this topic a little later.


Caracole Saxo

I found this Belgian blond ale to be very forward in its crisp, rapidly rising carbonation. Once you get past the big, fat bubbles rushing over your palate, you begin to notice some slightly tangy, apple-y notes, almost like a hard cider. Other reviewers found this beer cloudy, however the glass I had was rather clear and bright. The mouth feel was really what hooked me. It was a very nice contrast to the Purple Haze chevre.


The Reverend by Avery Brewing Co.

Quadruple style ale from Boulder, Co. smooth, a little tangy, sweet. slightly assertive aftertaste. "It tastes like the best triple ever"-Patrick
Available at the Wine Warehouse


Alba Scots Pine Ale

amber colored triple style ale from Scotland. smooth very well balanced flavored with spruce and pine wonderful study break drink ;-)



If you like Lapsang Souchong (tea dried in a smoke tunnel), you will love this beer. I had never tasted Rauchbier before (German lesson: Rauchen= to smoke). This one was called Aecht Echlenferla Rauchbier, the letters were difficult to read.... i don't know if that's really spelled correctly.....
Smooth, smoky, simple, but very nice. I need to try more complex Rauchbier before I can really say how it measures up. Nonetheless, it's a nice beer. I give it the thumbs up.


Belgian brown ale.
The label misguided me into thinking that this beer was something special. Perhaps only so many Belgian beers can make you jump out of your pants...


purple shmaze

For my premier review of beer on this barley pulpit, I have to be the premier downer, as well. Yes, you knew it was coming. I am forced to review that horrible scourge unleashed upon our fair beer-drinking society, Purple Haze. Concocted by the normally excellent Abita brewery, makers of the reasonably satisfying Turbodog, Purple Haze is absurdly bland. It claims to be an American-style wheat, flavored with raspberry, giving it a violet hue and a tinge of tangy berry. Not so. At all. Frankly, in a similar style of beer, I preferred a six-year old keg of Bud Light that turned up a party. That had character, and a bit of a floral finish. This, well, hell, I preferred a six-year old keg of Bud Light! People, do not succumb to the temptation to drink this rubbish. The raspberry flavor is nominal, and tastes rather like a brewing error (the mind conjures up scenes of a giant raspberry, a lá the Kool-Aid Man, bursting forth from the walls of the Louisiana brewery and taking the place hostage). Lifeless and bland, this is the beer poseur's Budweiser. I rate it two ICKYS.


Westmalle dubbel Trappist Ale

brewed by monks (whoa!) at the trappist monastery of westmalle.. dark smooth and.... you know... really good....


More Beer

More Beer!
I had these beers. They were pretty good. The extra good ones are marked with stars***

[Aldaris] Latvian Porter dark and caramely

[Celebration] Tasty brown ale

[Beerline] Barely wine style ale (and it's organic) golden color, sweetish

[Left Hand Milk Stout] smooth dark, a coffee drinker's beer

[Grotten Brown] Belgian cave aged ale, sort of tangy, light and dry

[Mount Desert Island Ginger] by the Atlantic Brewing Company in Maine, spicy like the La Chouffe (one of my favorites), but lighter and springy

[Eggenberg Urbock] from Austria and exploding with flavor... of what exactly I can't remember.....

***[Pissenlit] amazing smell, flavored with dandelions, smooth, rich, feels like champagne in your mouth, but it's a Belgian beer for sure!

***[Dogfish Head's World Wide Stout] very dark, musky, thick, loads of barley, milky and did I mention 18.8% Alcohol (this beer is very special, so drink it with care)

Bagel Beer

dark, tastes like pumpernickel, deep rich porter with a hint of rye. brewery went bankrupt so you can't get this beer anymore. sorry.
Reviewers: Falon, Patrick, Page
Location: Cock and Bull

Abbaye-Abbey's "Val-Dieu"

Winter Belgian Abbey Ale. Tastes like velvet drapes, perfect carbonation, stays in top of the mouth, feels dark but sweet, dignified flavor.
Reviewed by: Falon, Patrick, and Page
Location: Cock and Bull